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No Doubt fans!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
No Doubt fans!

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Vote for No Doubt! [20 Jun 2011|05:45pm]

i didnt know its been a year. :O they won last year. im sure we can make them win again this one :)

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Gwen Stefani and No Doubt @ Royal/T - Japan Relief Benefit Event [09 Jun 2011|02:14pm]

On June 07, 2011,Gwen Stefani hosted a benefit event for Save the Children's Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund at Royal/T in Culver City, CA with a Harajuku-themed tea party for special auction winners. At the end of the night, guests were treated to a surprise intimate live performance by No Doubt.

Songs that were performed included the following:
"It's My Life"
"Underneath It All"
"The Sweet Escape"



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Collectors stuff [25 Mar 2011|02:23pm]

HI there,

Was wondering if anyone here wants to purchase or knows where I can sell some Gwen/ND items (besides Ebay)
I moved out of my mom's house and really don't have space in my new place but don't want to throw anything out..

I have:

--- Special Collectors Edition L.A.M.B. CD - packaged, I can't even find it online, not even sure if it was ever sold.
It includes special book like cover with the CD and booklet, and a small pouch that can hold CD's tied with a ribbon and small lamb-chain- NEVER been opened ( I can take pictures)

---Gwen Dolls 1st Edition-NEVER BEEN OPENED ( Hollaback Gwen, Bananas Gwen, Tick Tock Gwen, Cool Gwen)

--- And bunch of Gwen Magazines + couple of ND ( OK!, Nylon, Complex, Blender, Vogue, InStyle, etc)

Again I can take pictures of all of these if anyone is interested..

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[06 Aug 2010|12:32am]

Actors/actress: Ellen Page; Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Marion Cotillard.
Movie: Inception.
TV: Scrubs; The Big Bang Theory.
Music/musicians: Bat for Lashes; Gwen Stefani; Karen O; Klaxons; Marina & the Diamonds; Shirley Manson; The Pretty Reckless; Two Door Cinema Club.

+ 3 FO banners: 2 The Big Bang Theory; 1 Marina & the Diamonds.

+ 1 psd.


more HERE @ rodeo_town
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Gwen Icons [27 Jun 2010|03:10pm]


Join creameries for 25 more!
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Help No Doubt win! [23 Jun 2010|12:14pm]

the radio station KROQ is havinthis vote, about everyone's favorite bands. And of course NxD is in the list xD. They've beaten out Paramore, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. And I know those 3 have some of the most LOYAL fans ever. It would mean a lot if you could cast your votes as well! We're up against system of a down next :o</br>


sorry for not making it clickable, I forgot how to do that haha please vote vote vote! It was always No Doubt's dream to get played on KROQ, wouldn't it be awesome if they were honored this way?
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[29 May 2010|10:39pm]

A Fine Frenzy [10]
Anthony Green [15]
Kasabian [12]

Kate Nash [18]
No Doubt [11]
Paramore [27]
Phoenix [13]
Misc [16]
Sweets [16]


more HERE @ rodeo_town 

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FOR SALE! Need to get rid of ASAP! [14 May 2010|11:29pm]

Doing spring cleaning!!!! I need to sell this asap. I need the room!

Brand new just opened. Come with everything. i still have the box i believe if you want it. Shipping will be more with the box.

any questions just as. i have more pictures if u want too. Please before i just give it to the salvation army.

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No Doubt : In the studio recording! [12 May 2010|08:20pm]


Pictures under the cutCollapse )
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if you have a twitter, do you mind helping us out? [30 Jan 2010|03:35pm]

so there are a bunch of No Doubt fans on twitter, and when gwen tried posting a pic on twitter, she made a bunch of tweets about it. and we all went batshit crazy. then a lot of us decided to try and get them on the trending topics. if you have a twitter, can you help us out by writing #nodoubt in a tweet? or in every tweet you make? a lot of us just write lyrics and then the hashtag. thanks! here's to hoping we achieve our goal!
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@nodoubt twitpics [26 Jan 2010|07:48pm]

@nodoubt: Writing in the rain - TonyCollapse )

@nodoubt: Tony and Gwen are rocking the synth. Our little studio is warm and candlelit, above the glowing city. TomCollapse )
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can someone help me? [16 Jan 2010|04:33pm]

i wanna buy a case for my when i get my ipod touch, but i have no idea where to start. i remember seeing on a site where they had a rock steady iphone cover, but i cant seem to find it. im pretty sure it'll fit an i touch right? any help is appreciated
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NO DOUBT SALE!! [08 Jan 2010|05:51pm]

if you are interested in ND/GWEN/LAMB/HL goodies please add me as a friend. i'm getting rid of a ton of stuff. thanks :)

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[23 Dec 2009|02:33am]

My first batch of ND icons44+9 banners! hope you guys like them
Comment+credit always appreciated

#32-44 simple kind of life vid MORE HERE! )
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i didnt read anything in the rules about not posting something like this [09 Dec 2009|09:04pm]


no doubt's been nominated 2x (most welcome return and best live artist) and gwen was nominated for sex goddess of the year. i dont want hayley williams to win sex goddess, or alice in chains to win welcome return. please help us vote.
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Harajuku Lovers bags and magazines [30 Nov 2009|03:36am]

I can't remember if selling isn't allowed and I couldn't find it in the info, so I'm sorry if this isn't allowed, mods, you can delete it if it is. Prices listed include shipping, OBO. Paypal only! Thanks.

Bags and mags for sale!Collapse )
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just got everything in time (last post i swear) [14 Nov 2009|05:52pm]

now my collection is complete haha well not really, i still want live in the tragic kingdom. but oh man, this album rocks! wow there are so many songs on here that i love! but my most favorite is a tie between everything in time(los angeles) and i throw my toys around. god i love this band so much. alright. im listening to these songs (all of them) for the rest of the night haha peace!
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i just found out [04 Nov 2009|09:06pm]

the Beacon Street collection was B sides to tragic kingdom. i think they woulda fit in perfectly if they wouldve been put on that album. oh god im falling in love with these 2 albums! theyr slowly creeping up up on TK for favorite no doubt albums
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finally got No Doubt and Beacon Street Collection [03 Nov 2009|07:09pm]

omg.....im LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVIIIING them haha my favorite so far from No Doubt is a tie between Paulina and Get on the Ball. used to be trapped in a box (cuz that was the only song they put on the singles) and from BS is stricken (it used to be total hate) i wonder what theyre new album will have
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[01 Oct 2009|11:42pm]

i love this band. simply put haha

by any chance does anyone know if theres been any news about their new album? i know theres gonna be another tour for its release, and i cant wait for it. i loved the one i went to. i wanna relive that night over again so badly haha
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