Jinx (deajinx) wrote in nxdkingdom,

Harajuku Lovers bags and magazines

I can't remember if selling isn't allowed and I couldn't find it in the info, so I'm sorry if this isn't allowed, mods, you can delete it if it is. Prices listed include shipping, OBO. Paypal only! Thanks.

Limited Edition Angel in Serious Camo, NWT, $35 shipped

Sweet in Logo Red Heart, NWT, $30 shipped

Used, but still in almost perfect condition, $25 shipped

Angel in Nanajuku Girls, used but in almost perfect condition, $25 shipped.

Also, I have a collection of magazine with Gwen or No Doubt on the covers. The whole set for $20 shipped. All the magazines are in good condition, and I noted any damage.

Rolling Stone, Issue 888 Jan 31, 2002
Vanity Fair, Nov 2002
Allure, May 2003
Vogue, Apr 2004 (fold in the corner)
Lucky, May 2004
Entertainment Weekly, Mar 2005 (a few water drops in the corner)
Cosmopolitan, June 2004
ElleGirl, Dec/Jan 2005
Rolling Stone, Isuee 966 Jan 27, 2005
Bazaar, Mar 2005
Elle, Feb 2007 (minor rips on back cover)
Walgreens Teen Extreme (no date, just a blurb about Gwen inside)
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how big is the first one?

i'm very interested. letmeramble at gmail.com

Deleted comment

Yes! If you are interested you can email me at the.jinxchan @ gmail.com