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finally got No Doubt and Beacon Street Collection LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVIIIING them haha my favorite so far from No Doubt is a tie between Paulina and Get on the Ball. used to be trapped in a box (cuz that was the only song they put on the singles) and from BS is stricken (it used to be total hate) i wonder what theyre new album will have
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there best work in my opinion. ;)

My absolute favorite song is Move On. It's incredible live and I was a little bummed that they didn't include it in there summer tour.

Apparently they're shifting more back to ska in this latest album, but we'll see when it gets here. :D
oh yeah im liking that one a little more each day.
ska? ska you say? self titled/beacon street ska? or TK ska? either way i just dont hope that this happens -->"No Doubt's Adrian Young has said that the band's new album will be influenced by reggae music" cuz i really dont want another rock steady. i liked it. but im still hoping for another tragic kingdom. i cant say it enough, tragic kingdom is epic.
those are some of my favorite tracks from those albums too : )